In addition to thermoforming and foaming moulds, we also design and manufacture moulds for the automotive sector.
These medium / high complexity moulds are similar to thermoforming moulds in their production and construction technology.
The operating principle is the same as for thermoforming, while their installation on production machines and their use in the production cycle are different.

Moulds for the Automotive Sector

These are specific moulds which are used to make internal components of vehicles.
Cars, and all vehicles mainly, are in fact made up of a considerable number of components made with Modelleria Piva’s produced moulds.
Each component is made with the use of a specific mould.

Design and Manufacture of Automotive Moulds

Upon receiving the information and needs from the customer, Modelleria Piva’s design and planning department carries out the project in a 3D prototype using state-of-the-art graphic and computer systems.
Subsequently, the project takes shape in the mechanical machining department, where modern CNC stations precisely apply all the specifications received from the design department.
Once assembled and finished, moulds are tested and checked with 3D laser scanner systems that guarantee perfect dimensional accuracy.

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